Is jess still dating brett michaels ashanti is currently dating

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The song pokes fun at all of us that have a little tough time getting older and a little wider around the waist. As we relax in our later years we let a few extra pounds pack on.

There is nothing wrong with that and there is no reason to feel ashamed.

The song was done in good fun though and that’s a reason so many people loved it.If you’ve been in need of a good laugh you’ve come to the right place. Bryan White is more known for his heartfelt country songs about love, loneliness and having a good time.In 2009 the former country star came back with a new set of songs including the fun little ditty .He had success writing songs for other artists and continued to tour and release music for his true fans in Texas. ) Tracy Byrd had himself a huge career in the ’90s.It took a good tongue-in-cheek song to finally get the deserving artist into the speakers of the wide country audience. By the time the ’00s rolled around he was struggling to find hits with regularity. The song is a story about heading out for a night on the town after a fight with a gal and having a bit too much tequila.

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