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This item is said to comprise (but we have no evidence) a table of some French cities with their latitude just like the older sundials (dyptychs).

We were told that this table can be observed through a tiny hole below the transit loop.

- Dim.: 210 x 50 x 25 mm - Length of needle: 155 mm - Weight: approx. It was created in 1949 by the Soviet Union in order to stop engineers fleeing the country. It was re-founded in 1992 after the end of the communist era.

700 g - Divisions: /- 13, precision: 0,5 - Mirrors at each end under the divisions und the needle ends. The company name means "Manufacturer of geophysical materiel". The company's current name is Gertetechnik Brieselang Gmb H.

This compass was much probably made in the 1930's by a specialized supplier. See also the driftmeter in the article DALOZ (aeronautical compasses).

5 in Milan) created by the latter in 1865 (source:

NOTE: Parts of the description above and the pictures below were sent by a friendly visitor. at r.) allows direct measuring of distances on the old French military maps whose scale was ,000) with a precision of 50m (compare with the ROSSIGNOL compass above). To this purpose, a slot located along the ruler serves as an aiming aid (sight line).

For more details, visit the GOMUSE's website (see address in LINKS) because it combines a sitometer and a compass.

His full name appears on other instruments like rulers featuring various units. Back side: rotatable device for attaching to a tripod PROFILE : Charles Augustus Schmalcalder was a German-born optician and instrument maker (more information HERE). PROFILE - Former French company (for more information click HERE). It was available with a cylindric, hexagonal or spherical body, sometimes topped by a compass.

Technical Data - Dimensions (base plate and sights): 234 x 135 x 112 mm, sights cannot be folded - Bar needle: 90 mm long - Divisions : counter-clockwise, cardinals swapped east-west, 360 (precision 1/2 degree) and 24 h, divided into 1/3, 1/15 and 1/30. Compasses consistent with his patent for a prismatic system were built by several manufacturers (see also Jones). 1810 -1826 at 82 Strand, and 1827 - 1840 at 399 Strand. See picture at right featuring the Czar's imperial eagle. The drawings are copies from catalogues dating back to the early 20th c. MORIN wrote that they only produced such instruments with cylindrical body because of their higher precision.

Figures in top row in mils Elevation scale as seen through the small square viewer located at the left end on the casing's side Divisions range on right hand scale: 250/-250. On some models, the magnetic deviation can be taken into account by means of the smaller knurled knob on the side. A needle's sharp end attached opposite to the letter N points then to the Magnetic North.

This instrument must be held verticaly by the lanyard holder. A (missing) protection plate could be attached by two screws to the case rim.

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